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    Valentine’s Day Dates for Home

    deciding to stay in this year? i’ve got you covered with some budget friendly ideas!

    karaoke night

    time to step outside of your comfort zone here! what a great date night idea to let loose! 

    For around $25 on Amazon you can snag a bluetooth karaoke microphone that would be perfect for the occasion! You can use it later at friend gatherings, with your kids, etc. 


    dinner & a movie

    have a pinterest recipe you’ve been dying to try? grabbing takeout on your way home from work? whatever the meal may be – the restaurant won’t go anywhere! cook that family recipe together or prepare a 4-course meal! 

    skip the mandatory masked movie, stream one at home! we use fandango! you’ve got 30 days to start, & 48 hours to watch. while movie prices may vary – we usually only spend around $6. that sure beats the $12 movie theatre ticket prices. oh, and you can pause! 

    we’ve got “The War with Grandpa” on our list to watch! 

    spa facials & couples massages

    always wanted that face mask selfie? what a perfect opportunity!

    have you both been stressed out and in need of a reset and relax? 

    Youtube has an array of “how-to’s” on facials; learn and practice on each other! 

    The Adventure Challenge: Couples Edition

    one thing i’ve been looking forward to doing with Nathan is The Adventure Challenge Couples Date book. it first caught my eye on Instagram early last year, and i finally decided to snag it. 

    if you’re looking to splurge – this is a great way to build your relationship and grow stronger. pick any date from the book and do it! they’ve got different editions (solo, friends, family) making it perfect for every occasion.

    the ultimate game for couples

    great for one-on-one connections as well as playing together with other couples! 

    a budget friendly option, you can snag this game for $25 on Amazon! 

    trivia & board games

    …I should have known that! is a great laughable game to play with just your partner or with your friends! it’s fast paced and you only lose points for wrong answers! 

    you can’t go wrong with classic’s like Uno, Skip-Bo, Monopoly, Slapjack, and The Game of Life! 

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