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Hello!! Who doesn't LOVE free?! Earn money back and receive free products with your box!
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from household cleaning products & essential oils to skincare & more, have all of your needs sent right to your door!

my favorite box called “essential rewards” is a monthly wellness box option that isa  bonus when you get a starter kit with Young Living! 

it’s totally optional + you curate it yourself! meaning – you pick your products! 

you earn up to 25% back (seriously, look below!)

let me break it down for you –

the minimum requirement to spend is 50pv (aka $) – and I know that sounds steep BUUUUUT when you look at how easy, cost effective, and convenient it is, it’s a no-brainer. 

heyyyooo transfer buying – if you don’t know what this is; it’s when you take what you would normally spend at walmart/dollar general/target and use that on the cleaner young living products – everything you need is literally right there, and CHEAPER! 

we’re a military family and we aren’t millionaires – therefore budgeting is EVERYTHING right now. so, i was nervous too when i first hit yes to essential rewards – but it’s been the greatest thing I’ve done. 


+ household cleaner
+ laundry detergent
+ dishwasher detergent
+ dish soap
+ hand soap
+ makeup
+ toothpaste
+ mouthwash
+ shampoo/conditioner
+ face wash
+ lotions
+ baby wipes
+ kids products
+ CBD products
+ oils
+ skincare
+ supplements

my first essential rewards order contained Lemon Essential Oil, Thieves Household Cleaner, Mint Satin Facial Scrub, Christmas Spirit and Purification. 

+ Lemon is a must have all the time. I love to diffuse this in the morning (paired with valor or thieves) and throughout the day in the kitchen & living room. definitely helps with the dog odors!
+ Thieves Household Cleaner is the cleaner that rocked my whole world! 2 capfuls in a 16 oz. glass spray bottle and you’ve got a cleaner for every surface. oh and did I mention for $24 you get 20+ bottles of cleaner? say goodbye to $3 a bottle, try $0.70!
+ Mint Satin Facial Scrub is a product that was sent to me as a gift, and I just had to order more! the mint leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed! I love using this in the morning to wake up my skin!
+ Christmas Spirit is one of my favorite oils of all time – and I’m so so glad I put it in my first ER order! seasonal scents are normally hard to find year ’round, but not for young living! i diffuse this daily in our bedroom! 
+ Purification is a great household oil. I bought this one because it was spring-time and 2 drops in water helps keep flowers longer! I also add this in combination with Lavender on our dryer balls (instead of dryer sheets!!) and it’s heavenly! 


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