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grocery shopping was something i thoroughly enjoyed as an adolescent, but now gives me a headache. i’ve narrowed down a system that’s drastically changed my outlook on grocery shopping. from saving pennies to easier shopping, this chore just got way easier. 

stop shopping brand specific

in college i was the type that shopped at publix and harris teeter because i felt that they carried the “best” products – but as i’ve gotten older i’ve realized that there are many  comparable brands (some that are even BETTER) leaving you with a few extra dollars in your purse. 

aside from those branded “must-haves” (lucky charms, ice cream, chips, etc.), i can guarantee that you can find comparable bacon from the $7 pack of bacon. 

take advantage of local "discount" chain stores

did you know that most grocery discount chain stores still carry the same brands as your local Walmart, FoodLion, Harris Teeter, or Publix at a fraction of the cost? Lidl is one of my favorites, i can usually grab nice cheeses and meats for charcuterie boards as well as fruits, veggies, snacks, and more! 

your local discount chain store should be your FIRST stop on your grocery trip! i’ve saved over $25 on the same products i would’ve gotten at Food Lion, just shopping at Lidl/Aldi’s. 

app utilization

use your apps!! Sam’s Club, Walmart, & BJ’s all offer mobile shopping – hello price comparisons! 

shopping in a store and want to compare it to another? use the app!

store delivery

need to shop at more than one store? eliminate some stops by selecting delivery on your grocery app! 

we use Walmart+ and LOVE IT! 

Walmart +

grocery shopping just got a whole lot easier

store coupons

be sure to clip coupons as most grocery stores link coupons to your membership card! BJ’s always seems to have a coupon for toilet paper and cleaning supplies. 

consider investing in a wholesale membership

whether you’re eating for 1 or feeding 5+ a wholesale membership is always something i am going to support. items such as butter, canned goods, spices, toiletries, and snacks are much cheaper per pound at a wholesale store. 

for a $30 household membership to BJ’s last year Nathan and I saved over $100 on our groceries alone – not including the 15¢ per gallon we saved at the pump!

plan your meals

make a calendar and plan your meals! i usually try to plan 12-14 days in advance! i only end up grocery shopping twice a month – and i don’t make unnecessary weekly trips. planning accordingly helps with overspending!

from July – January i saved over $200 on groceries just from these tips alone! by making 2 trips a month to the store not only have we saved on frivolous grocery spending, but on gas as well! more money saved is more money in your pocket!

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