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House Plants You Can Actually Keep Alive

Plants are a great way to improve the air quality within your home. Whether you’ve got a small studio apartment or a 5 bedroom house – plants can provide a number of positive benefits within your home. Keeping them alive, now that’s a totally different story. 

Whether you’re first discovering your green thumb, or if you’re looking for something to nurture – I’ve compiled a list of the easiest houseplants to keep alive and some tips for along the way!

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Snake Plant

Scientific Name: Sansevieria trifasciata 
Requirements: low light, cooler temperatures, water every 2-6 weeks

The snake plant is a very low maintenance plant. It is recommended to keep them in your kitchen or living room as their main purpose is to remove toxins from the air. 

Spider Plant

Alias: “Ribbon”, “Airplane”
Scientific Name: Clorophytom comosum
Requirements:  cooler temperatures

One of the easiest plants to keep alive, the spider plant is an extremely low maintenance plant. It can withstand abuse well, so it’s a perfect starter plant. 

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In addition to improving the air quality within your home, plants also provide a relief for stress. With their natural emitting processes, house plants are also good for increased productivity. 

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Aloe Vera

Scientific Name: Aloe vera
Requirements: partial-full sun, deep & infrequent watering

Being one of the easiest succulents to grow, the Aloe Vera plant is great for medicinal home remedies. Whether you’ve become Larry the Lobster or have a paper cut, the Aloe Vera plant has you covered!

Money Plant

Scientific Name: Pachira aquatica
Requirements: medium-bright indirect light, deep & infrequent watering

 Are you a beach lover? This tropical plant is great for combating stress! This plant is known to promote good fortune, although I highly doubt it will produce any money!


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Just like your shelves, your house plants can get dusty! Keeping them clean allows for better growth and overall plant happiness! It won’t grow if it’s sad! I use an all natural, plant based, DIY spray on my plants and it has made a tremendous difference! I actually keep them alive now! 

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Chinese Evergreen

Scientific Name: Aglaonema
Requirements: high humidity

The Chinese Evergreen is the perfect plant for your patio or sunroom. Being on the top 10 list of houseplants for cleaning the air – the chinese evergreen is great for increased productivity! Everyone should have this plant in their home as it is a sign of good luck! 

Peace Lily

Scientific Name: Spathiphyllum
Requirements: bright & indirect light, moist soil but not overwatered. 

Peace Lilies can be grown both indoors and outdoors (outdoor plants can reach up to 6 ft. tall!!!). They are great for mold/mildew prevention as well as cleaning the air!   They’re not pet friendly, and can cause stomach irritation if ingested, so be sure to place somewhere where your animals won’t eat them! 

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The key to keeping plants alive (besides watering of course) is to name them! In naming your plant, you’re creating an almost personal relationship with your plants. How are you going to forget to water your plant Frank?!

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Dumb Cane

Scientific NameDiffenbachia
Requirements: moderate light, moist soil – but not overwatered

With a name coming from the temporary speechlessness that occurs when ingested! Like the Peace Lily, Dumb cane contains calcium oxalate which is harmful if ingested. 

Get to know your plants!

First plant syndrome? Head on over to the dollar store and grab a little notebook! Keeping a notebook with your plants’ information will be a lifesaver! Think of it as a pocket reference book made by you! Write down any notes such as soil changes, different placements throughout your home as well as notes on how the specific plant grew, watering schedule, etc. 

Stop being afraid of killing another plant! Get one of these!

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