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How to Develop a New Habit (and keep it!)

You heard that right! What a better way to start out the year, than with a new habit! Whether this be a new diet, a new financial goal (our checking accounts could use some cushion after we sat on our tush’s and online shopped in 2020), or something silly like planning when you’re going to wash your hair – I’ve got some tips to aid your success.


60-day trial

 I know – everyone says try something consistently for 30 days, but nope, I’m telling you 60. 

It only takes 30 days to develop the habit, but it takes 60 to keep it. When something is a habit, it’s like second-nature. The way you play with your hair when you’re in crowds or the way you yell at cars in parking lots, both habits. Just because you write out the monthly calendar on the dry erase board doesn’t mean you’ll keep up with it all month, right? 

So make sticky notes and scatter them throughout your bedroom or house, or set an alarm reminder on your phone for 60 days. 

"our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising everytime we fall"


Fit it into your daily routine.

Whether you’re implementing a new routine for supplements or working towards financial freedom, be sure to implement some form of your new habit into your day. This could include not going to Starbucks or Dunkin for coffee, but instead making it at home. 

Set reachable goals.

Don’t set yourself up for failure. Sure, you’re going to fail from time – to – time, but it doesn’t need to consume you. By setting reachable goals you’re more likely to succeed far beyond your goal. I’m not saying set the bar low (make sure it’s still a “challenge”), but I’m also not saying you’re going to become a millionaire in a few short months. 

Stay consistent.

Keep with it! You set your goal for a reason, not being consistent will only lead to failure. Hold yourself accountable here!

Try it with a friend.

Did you know that you’re more likely to achieve something if you’ve got others by your side? Back when I worked at a local gym we saw greater fitness success from those who exercised with a friend. Your friend may want to be better about taking supplements too, sent a text or a snapchat daily as a reminder or push! 

Flashback to July 2020 – parts of the world were starting to open back up (thanks COVID-19) but things were still not back up and running normally. I was sleeping until noon, not really starting my day until 2 PM, and I was suuuuuper unproductive. One thing I really wanted to work on (right then and there) was a schedule. I wanted to wake up no later than 9 AM to start my day around 10 AM. Seems like a reasonable “adult” thing to do, right?

Flash forward to September 2020 – I’ve been setting daily alarms and have been consistent with waking up before 9 AM. It’s day 58 of 60 and I’m awake before the alarm. 

Now, January 2021 and I can honestly say that sleeping past 10:30 is a CHALLENGE for me.

I plan on implementing the 60-day trial method on all of my “New Years Resolutions”. Drinking my Ningxia Red & taking my vitamins everyday will be a breeze! Now it’s your turn to turn a wanted habit into a part of your daily routine!

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