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10 Amazon products you need

top amazon products you NEED for your home!

+ are you tired of your iced coffee causing a pool in your cupholder? these cute neoprene drink sleeves are perfect for absorbing the condensation! 

+ ditch your chemical-ridden dryer sheets for these wool dryer balls! I used to buy them from walmart at $5.88 for 2! 

+ i ordered this ring light back in January after constant ring light bad luck. this one is sturdy and has many light variations!

+ BPA free reusable product bags are great whether you’re meal prepping or setting aside snacks for your littles. 

+ after years of not listening to my dad when it came to Bath & Body Works scents, I switched to this car diffuser and I love it!


+ for your mornings on the go you need this portable blender

+ Amazon’s echo clock + light bulb bundle is the perfect addition to your bedroom. With a built in clock & a smart lightbulb, you’ll never have to worry again about who has to get up to turn off the lights! 

+ this affordable portable label maker is perfect for those (like me) with OCD 

+ i just purchased the phone/watch docking station for our bedside tables! 

+ everyone needs another cute tumbler cup! great for on the go iced coffee, smoothies, and ningxia!


something catch your eye?

shop the post below for these EXACT items! 

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