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step 1: click the button above, then select “basic starter kit”

step 2: select yes or no to a fully customizable wellness box. this option is great because not only do you receive points back for free products on every box that you get, but you can always opt out later! 
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step 3: set up your wellness box! that’s right! you select the products you want! you can change it every month and you choose the amount! (at the bottom of this page you’ll find a list of my favie items!)

step 4: select “add more products”

from here the page will navigate you to our shop page. you’ll be able to pick an array of products ranging from makeup, essential oils, cleaners, CBD, supplements, + more! these specific products that you pick will be shipped ASAP! 
Orders over $100 receive FREE SHIPPING! how rad!!!

step 5: once you’re done selecting your new products, click “check out”. from here you’ll be sent back to the first page. don’t worry, everything you entered is still there, just scroll down and hit “next”. 

step 6: fill in all of your personal info, and make sure that you see my member number in the “sponsor” and “enroller” fields.
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this makes sure that we’re connected and you can get your FREE welcome kit from me! 
(please note: the welcome kit i provide often changes, so be sure to connect with me on instagram @organicallycatherine to see what goodies you’ll be receiving! )  

all starter bundles come with a 24% lifetime discount! 
+ you get the option to sell – but it’s never a requirement!
+ you’re not committing to a monthly subscription – unless ya want to! 🙂

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My fav products

+ thieves household cleaner
+ thieves fruit & veggie soak
+ thieves dish soap
+ poppymint lip scrub
+ ningxia red
+ lavender essential oil
+ thieves essential oil
+ lime essential oil
+ kidpower essential oil
+ NLBS essential oil
+ vanilla essential oil
+ purification essential oil 
+ peppermint essential oil
+ valor essential oil
+ lemon essential oil
+ grapefruit essential oil
+ christmas spirit oil
+ haven diffuser
+ CBD beauty boost
+ CBD muscle rub
+ mint satin facial scrub
+ tranquil roll on
+ sulfurzyme capsules
+ mirah lustrous hair oil