ditch & switch

tired of your chemical filled home products?

thieves household cleaner

ditch your bottles of chemical ridden cleaners for an all-in-one plant based concentrate. 

All Purpose Cleaner: 
+ 2 capfuls in a 16 oz. glass bottle 
(optional: add 10 drops of Lemon essential oil for a natural degreaser – GREAT for kitchen cleaning!)

Window Cleaner:
+ 2 capfuls in a 16 oz. glass bottle
+ 1 TBSP of white vinegar
+ 10 drops of Citrus Fresh Essential Oil

Floor Cleaner:
+ 1/4 C Thieves Household Cleaner
+ 10 drops each of Lemon & Citrus Fresh Essential Oils

tired of wasting your money on dryer sheets?

Lavender, ThievesLemonCitrus Fresh, Eucalyptus, and more are excellent essential oils safe for your laundry! 
I know – oils and laundry? Fear not, essential oils contain NO fat lipids! Simply drop into your laundry or drop onto dryer balls for an extra laundry scent booster!

Did you know that your regular laundry detergent contains harsh chemicals that are harmful to the skin? Ditch the skin irritants for a bottle that you can split into thirds!! 

most loved amazon essential oil products!

tired of those fast burning candles?

Candles often contain harmful perfumes and chemicals that enter your home when you burn them. Let alone they burn super quick and can often take a significant financial toll when on a budget. Ditch them for essential oils – where you become the mixologist. Create your own scent recipes without harming your home and body at a fraction of the cost!

Island Paradise:
+ Lime (3)
+ Stress Away (3)
+ Orange (2)

Vanilla Spice:
+ Christmas Spirit (3)
+ Vanilla (4)
+ Cinnamon Bark (2)

Everyday Home:
+ Lavender (4)
+ Lime (4)

Happy Home:
+ Grapefruit (3)
+ Lemon (2)
+ Valor (3)

Christmas Paradise:
+ Lemon (2)
+ Thieves (3)
+ Christmas Spirit (3)

Clean Home:
+ Lemon (4)
+ Thieves (3)

time to make the switch!

say goodbye to your toxins! you’re never going to want them again! Nathan and I alone in 2020 saved over $500 on cleaning supplies/home fragrants by switching! this is a no brainer! who wants to keep over-spending for simple household necesseties? 

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