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Oils for Emotional Support

Using essential oils to aid your emotions it one of my favorite things to share about. Keep in mind, these are the oils that work for me. Different oils may make you feel “uplifted” or remind you of happiness.

I’m going to share my first experiences with these oils and how they evolved into becoming my go-to’s.

The very first essential oil that I opened out of my premium starter kit was Valor, aka “liquid courage”. I loved the way it smelled. It uplifted me.

Next was Lemon. I love the smell of fresh lemons, and this oil hit the spot. It was as if I had just cut one open on the counter. I had NEVER smelled that pure of an essential oil before. Given that lemon, in general, is a smell I love, this citrus brought me to a place of instant gratification. Almost empowering.

Stress Away and Peace & Calming were next. Stress Away reminded me of the beach. I love to pair with Lime in the diffuser when guests are over.

Months later, I had Grapefruit, Christmas Spirit, and Peace & Calming II. Christmas Spirit – hence the name – reminded me of Christmas (oh, and you can buy it year ’round). My favorite holiday memories were centered around Christmas at my grandma’s, who’s since passed. Grapefruit I bought solely to pair with Valor. I’ve never really been fond of Grapefruit (or the smell). The combination is marvelous, and I wear it everyday.

Considering I have a “scent-tooth” for citrus scents, any citrus oil uplifts me just from the aroma.

When choosing oils for your own support, reach for the ones that speak to you.

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