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essential oils vs. candles & wax warmers

the hidden toxins

did you know that candles contain wax that is derived from petroleum, aka paraffin wax. paraffin wax is often used to coat fruits and vegetables found in your local grocery store – hence why you always wash your fruits and veggies before consuming. when burned, paraffin wax emits 2 toxins: benzene and toluene. like cigarettes, these chemicals are directly linked to asthma and lung cancer. another toxin predominately used in candles/wax melts is diethyl phthalate

diethyl phthalate – is a chemical compound in the industrial chemicals family. this specific compound is linked to reproductive failure, kidney failure, liver failure, and lung damage.

benzene – a chemical compound that is highly flammable, toxic, and is colorless. this specific compound is linked to nervous system damage and leukemia!

toluene – a chemical compound similar to paint thinners. this specific compound has been known to cause skin, eye, and respiratory problems. inhaling or ingesting this compound is extremely dangerous and is poisonous to your body.

the better alternative

since 2019, essential oils have been on the rise. you can find them in your local grocery stores, TJ Maxx’s, Targets, and more. the problem with these essential oils is that they contain just as many harmful chemicals as candles, thus making them equally as bad for your body. when shopping for essential oils –  i strongly suggest reading the labels and doing your research.

the main things that you want to look for when looking for essential oils is where they’re made & originate from, looking for an all natural scent, and looking for a widely trusted brand. 



why essential oils are better for your pocket

unlike candles (which if you’ve noticed tend to lose their scent 2/3 of the way down), essential oils are much much cheaper! yeah sure, you may initially pay more up front, however the “burn time” is much longer. for a 5 mL bottle of essential oils you get 100 drops of oil. for smaller diffusers you generally want to stick to 7-9 drops of essential oil thus burning anywhere from 4-6 hours. that’s almost 72 hours of burn time per 5 mL bottle (based off a 5 hour burn).  candles 

[you can also use them as perfumes! my favorite combo is valor + grapefruit!]

with candles/wax melts you’re not getting nearly 1/3 of that amount! 

goodbye, good riddance

whether you suffer from constant headaches, get tired of the lingering smells of dinner, or simply have lots of pets who omit lots of odors – essential oils are a great alternative to candles/wax melts.

the best part – you become the mixologist. hate the scent? simply dump out your diffuser and start over. need to get rid of strong odors? essential oils such as lemon, thieves, and purification are great for that. need some sleep support? lavender has got you covered. need some relief for your head tension? cue peppermint for INSTANT relief that actually works! 

not only are they SAFE, but they’ve got so many uses and purposes! don’t just buy them and let them collect dust! USE them daily and see the differences I have personally seen in using clean, naturally derived, plant based products with essential oils in the past year. say goodbye to your toxin filled candles and make that switch! 

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