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    The Power of Social Selling

    With micro/macro influencers on the rise, many people are ditching their day jobs to pursue an at-home career of social selling. Don’t mistake this for the saturated MLM’s that message you in your DM’s.…

  • brand favs home

    Amazon Kitchen Must Haves

    in need of some kitchen gadgets? these are my favorites!!  + meal prepping made easy – this digital kitchen scale is super affordable and is the perfect size! hack: place a piece of wax paper…

  • brand favs fashion

    spring dress haul

    vici dolls mood board Pink Lily one of my favorite AFFORDABLE boutiques  + great spring/summer dresses for weddings, baby showers, church, or even as daily wear! + be sure to check out their Instagram…

  • brand favs home lifestyle

    10 Amazon products you need

    top amazon products you NEED for your home! + are you tired of your iced coffee causing a pool in your cupholder? these cute neoprene drink sleeves are perfect for absorbing the condensation!  + ditch…