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Why I Oil?

2020 made it happen -

Essential Oils over the recent years have become the center of holistic lifestyles. With thousands of people starting to change their ways of living by means of a “ditch & switch”.

A ditch & switch is the process of eliminating and reducing unnecessary harmful toxins from everyday life. You’ll find that moving from the dollar store brands to more “high end” brands for cleaners, detergents, soaps, lotions, etc. is no cheap task, however when done right (yes, that’s right – strategy) you don’t have to spend a mortgage or feel the need to donate a kidney. 

Before I even look at products, I research the brand behind the products. Young Living was a brand that stood out to me, from its GLOBAL headquarters right here in the United States to its quality of products. It was really important to me to know where the products were coming from. I loved that Young Living is open to the public for tours of their facilities/farms to see in-person how their products are made. For more information on scheduling a tour, click here.

I was looking specifically for a product that was cruelty free, as “organic” as possible, and free of chemicals & artificial dyes. Young Living checked all of those boxes for me. Lemon essential oil I can use as a degreaser, plus diffusing makes my home smell fresh and clean? Count me in! Read more about their Seed to Seal®, here!

I found that essential oils, when used correctly, had many more purposes than I had ever imagined. Young Living even offers a specific line of “Vitality” oils that are safe for ingestion. Did your child sharpie your brand new granite countertops? Great news! Lemon Essential Oil has you covered! Need a natural degreaser? Immune support? Christmas scents flowing through your house year ’round? There’s an oil for that!!

The best part? Not one chemical. Not one product tested on an animal. This was heaven to me. 


The differences between store-brand essential oils & Young Living Essential oils

The differences are simple – one is real, one is not.

Sure – you may pay a little more for the “real” brand, but you’re not going to be disappointed. 

Did you know that chemicals added make your cost cheaper? Yup! You read that right! You’re paying less for a product that doesn’t even meet the guidelines. 

While you’re paying $12.99 from TJ Maxx/Marshall’s (my FAVORITES) for a multipack, be close to examine the ingredients. 

Can you read & pronounce them? 

Are they even included?

Do your research before diffusing your essential oils – you may be doing more harm than good! 

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